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Company CV


Services Offered:


Full Title Searches - Back to patent, 55 years, 30 years.


Limited Title Searches - Back to mortgage


Current Owner Searches:


(All the above searches included copies of instruments. Searches are run in conveyance, mortgage, civil probate records. These searches are typed up to give a summary of the information. This information is in a database and can be emailed or put on a disc.)


We also offer other services in the public records. We get deed information, copies of instruments filed in the public records, recordings, mineral work, and right of way work.




Our clients consist of real estate attorneys, financial institutions, other research companies, government agencies, and underwriters. We currently deal with above 30 clients on a regular basis.


General information about our company:


We are based in Alexandria, Louisiana. Our home parish is Rapides. We do travel to other parishes in the state. Price depends on two things: what type of research is needed and if we have other work already there. We have 6 abstractors, which helps us give our clients a great turn-around time and price. All work is reviewed after the abstractor finishes the assignment. The senior abstractor does this. All abstractors are on salary and therefore available for assignments at all times.


We are very active in our industry. All abstractor's receive training and educational matieral to help them keep up with the changes in Louisiana Law. We attend annual seminars. Our office is close to the courthouse. Computers link us to our home parish courthouse. We are also on line with other clerk of courts. 




We have been recognized in our state for our business and management skills. We are always on the cutting edge of what is happening in our industry.


We are very active in our industry through the Louisiana Land Title Association to help make our industry better through educational courses and certification of abstractor's on a state level. 


We have received awards in the past years recognizing our company as a growing business.


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